Wedding Wisdom : Unplug. Your. Ceremony.

Unplug your wedding ceremony. Trust us on this one. Unplug. Your. Ceremony. We've all seen the photos of a guest in the middle of the aisle with the iPad ruining the photographer's shot. If you haven't seen this, google "reasons to have an unplugged wedding."  Wedding photographers do not come cheap, and for good reason. They are professional photographers. Your guests are not. Tbh, the photos you'll get back from your photog are those you'll enjoy looking through year after year, not a shaky iPhone picture. Have your officiant make an announcement before the start of the ceremony. If you need ideas for the wording, search "unplugged wedding" on pinterest. You could add a hand-lettered sign or place a note on the bottom of your ceremony programs as well.  If you're really into the unplugged wedding, you could have your reception camera and phone-less too.  In our opinion, we don't mind cameras and phones at the reception, but 100% consider it for the ceremony at least.  

Photo : Kailey Watson Photography