Wedding Wisdom : Dinner for Two

This might just be our favorite piece of Wedding Wisdom ever!  How many times have you heard someone say "Don't forget to eat!" when someone is giving you wedding advice?  It's sound advice because it is hard to eat between portraits, guests wanting photos with you before you can get to your table to eat, or guests coming to your table during dinner to give you well-wishes.  These guests mean well and want to show you they are happy for you by giving congratulations, but that makes it difficult to find time to get food down.  Something to consider: a quick private dinner for two right before dinner begins or right at the beginning of dinner.  This works especially well in a timeline if you are doing a first look and have portraits already taken before your ceremony.  If you're concerned about guests missing you, you only need 10-15 minutes to eat and then you can go table to tablet greet people while they are still sitting down and eating.  Those 10-15 minutes guarantee you'll be able to eat AND allow you to spend a few moments alone with your new spouse to take it all in.  Make sure to tell your caterer beforehand so that they can have something set up for you, whether it's informal and in a back room of your venue or if you want a scenic outdoor spot away from guests' line of sight.  If you're a Spain Ranch bride, we have several gorgeous and romantic outdoor spots for a private dinner, but we also have a back room in the White Barn if you'd like to be indoors. Wouldn't this photo in Lucy's Meadow ( by Kelbert McFarland ) be the dreamiest little spot for a private dinner for two?