How to Choose Your Vendors

First, there are several articles circulating telling brides to be cautious of preferred vendor lists.  The lists they refer to are those from wedding venues that receive referral fees or collect a fee to be placed on their list.  Before asking your venue or planner for a preferred list, ask them if vendors pay to be on their list, get fees for referring brides to that vendor, or if it is by direct experience and merit working with vendors. If vendors pay or get referral fees, make sure you are more thorough in your research of them.  This is not to say they won't be amazing and professional vendors, but you want to make sure they are awesome for you and not just a beneficial relationship to the venue or wedding planner.  Some venues require you work with their preferred caterers or that you hire a coordinator, so make sure you know this information before signing your contract.  Be diligent in researching all vendors.  Look at portfolios, read reviews on more than just one website, and ask around.  When in doubt, ask your venue's rep or your planner/coordinator.  They will likely be very honest in answering those questions.  A sweet Spain Ranch bride, Liz Anderson says, " Take advice from your wedding venue on who to use.  We did and our wedding day was a breeze. They know what companies work with their venues.  You guys made our day perfect! Thank you!" Photographer, Kacey Gilpin, says she wishes she'd had the patience to shop around for what she really wanted, but instead jumped the gun because she was afraid she'd be too stressed to wait and book. She suggests waiting until it feels right to decide because there is time to meet with multiple wedding vendors.  We agree and suggest when you do find that vendor you must have, let them know you are serious in hiring them, and book as quickly as possible.  You'll be disappointed if another bride grabs your date.  Only hire vendors in your budget or willing to work within your budget.  Make sure you are honest about how much you can spend, and communicate this clearly.  That concludes your wedding wisdom for this week! 


Photo Credit : Kailey Watson Photo