Let's Talk About Vendors

As a venue, we get to see the big picture of how vendors can make or break a wedding. That said, we strongly advocate hiring experienced professionals rather than friends or family.  Not only is a professional wedding vendor going to have more experience, but there is possibility of a strained relationship if something goes wrong or expectations are not met when it's someone close to you. We've seen it. Unless your friends are in the wedding industry, we suggest hiring professionals. We've seen only a handful that run smoothly when professionals are not utilized, but those brides were incredibly organized and so was their go-to person/crew on their wedding day. Allyson Whitney Designs says her number one  advice is to choose a professional wedding photographer.  She is 100% spot on when she says, "Cheaper is not better, and you'll wish you had those photos to cherish long after." Wendy Bobarikin of Bobarikin Photography says, "Investing in a great wedding DJ can make or break how fun weddings are." We couldn't agree more.  Cheaper does not equal better with DJs either.  Inexperienced wedding vendors can be a distraction to you on your wedding day if issues arise.  We promise you won't regret hiring a professional!  Given that information, with the number of professional vendors in each category, it can feel overwhelming when trying to sift through the options and make the right choice even in a smaller city like Tulsa.  In our next post, we will tell you about a few tips that are useful when navigating the vendor choices, and ensuring you hire the right vendors for your wedding. 


Photo Credit : Taylor O'Neal Photography