Wedding Wisdom : Trials Will Save Your Sanity

One of the best wedding hairstylists in our area is Ash Franke of Ash Franke Styles .  She helped us put together this Wedding Wisdom post on hair and make-up trials.  She says, "Always do a trial run on your hair and makeup. It takes so much stress out of prepping for your big day." Elaborating on this, we've come up with a few suggestions for your HMU trial. 1. Bring any and all accessories you'll have in your hair, and especially your veil if you're wearing one.  Bring your earrings and neckace(s) too.  2. Bring several photos with you of the looks you want and bring photos of your gown. 3. Take photos from every angle of your hair and makeup right after the trial, just in case! 4. Pay attention to how your hair and makeup wears throughout the day of your trial. If one part of your hair falls or some of your eye make-up smudges, you can let your HMU team know so that they can take steps to prevent that on your big day. Always ask your hair artist for a few extra bobby pins on your wedding day that the maid of honor can be in charge of. That way, if a flyaway pops up at your reception from dancing too hard at your reception (lol!), you can have her tame it back with a bobby pin or two.  Trust us, a trial is money well-spent, and you can't put a price on your sanity!  Photo : Andi Bravo Photography  Hair : Ash Franke